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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Home learning antargat vidharthi- vali sampark register

Samgra shikshan gandhinagar dwara ta.24-6-2020 na roj home leaning antargat vidhyarthio ane valio sathe karel samprknu register nibhavvanu rahese.


Primary education is the foundation of development of every citizen who determines the future of the country. India has recently made good progress in enrolling in primary education, maintaining education, regular attendance and increasing literacy, which accounts for two-thirds of India's population. India's improved education system is considered to contribute to India's good economic growth. At the same time, the quality of primary education in India is becoming very important. True Education: What is education? Book study? No. Multiple knowledge? Not even that. The name of the education from which the flow of desire and invention can be fruitful by becoming moderate. True education can be described as a kind of special power or teaching to be able and auspicious resolutions. Education is not just a fair of words.

Human formation should be the goal of every true education. Education is not a heap of information that can wreak havoc on your mind for a lifetime without being assimilated into your mind. We need to assimilate the ideas that shape life, build a true human being, develop character. If you have been able to assimilate only five ideas and integrate them with your life, with your nature, then you need more knowledge than one who memorizes the texts of a library. ‘Yatha kharshchandanbharavahi bharasya vetta na tu chandanasya! - A donkey carrying a load of sandalwood knows only the weight of the wood, does not recognize the fragrance of sandalwood. '

Education is the name given to the invention of perfection in man. I write religion as the core of education but keep in mind that religion here does not mean my thoughts or anyone else's thoughts about religion. Religion is the main thing, everything else is secondary. But we all need it.

◆JIVANT SHIKSAN  is an educational blog.  In which information about new educational trends is constantly served. A live education blog combining education, teacher and student is always ready for continuous exchange of educational information. This blog has always disseminated the activities and activities taking place in the schools of Gujarat across the state.  The purpose of this blog is to inspire everyone by spreading widely what is good in the field of education.

 The following information will be provided on the JIVANT SHIKSAN Blog.

 (1) Information of the Department of Education, the entire Shiksha Abhiyan, GCERT, and all circulars in addition will be posted on the JIVANT SHIKSAN  Blog.

 (2) Teaching useful literature-material will be presented.

 (3) Textbooks are placed in PDF format.

●Kapil satani official youtube channel contains children's stories and nursery rhymes, riddles, rhymes, ideas, curriculum based educational materials, basic educational informative videos for children and brahmi general knowledge videos as well as information about the works of writers. Currently more than fifty educational videos  Presented.  Fun and entertaining videos will also be presented in the near future.

 Be sure to share our channel and videos with students, teachers and parents to encourage us and inspire us to do something new.  You must also give your opinion about our videos. Kapil satani official YouTube channel is an educational channel in which videos of educational-literary-cultural programs are placed.  There are currently more than fifty educational videos, if you want to watch such videos, don't forget to subscribe to our channel, comment, like and click the bell icon on the side so you can get all the upcoming videos quickly.

 You can watch videos by searching KAPIL SATANI on YouTube.

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