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Writing to gujarati

ગુજરાતીમાં લખો

Install Google IME for offline PC-without XP cd !

Install Google IME in 2 clicks!

કોઈપણ ભારતીય ભાષા લખવાનો સૌથી સહેલો રસ્તો
( Google Transliteration IME ગુજરાતી, હિન્દી, પંજાબી, ઉર્દૂ, બંગલા, ઓરિયા, નેપાલી, તામિલ, મલયાલમ, કન્નડ, તેલુગુ, સંસ્કૃત માં ઉપલબ્ધ છે.)
કોઈપણ ભારતીય ભાષામાં સરળતાથી લખો. (અંગ્રેજીમાં લખો, તમારી ભાષામાં મેળવો.)
 smart Google IME ના ઉપયોગ થી 
you can write in your language with the same keyboard,
anywhere, anytime!
On Facebook ,
On a Blog,
In Yahoo mail /Gmail / Outlook Express / Outlook
In any Office document -Word/Excel/ PowerPoint
Or to rename a file/ folder in your own language !
Installing Google IME has been made easy here,
so that anybody can do it without asking for help.
Activate Asian Language Support in XP
by downloading and then running the program
from this link :

if this link does not start download, please go to original website by clicking 
  this link and there at the bottom, click on 
"Download : click here to download" link.
When You are asked to Re-start computer ,
please accept and re-start your PC.

From any of the following links ,
install Google IME for the language of your choice.
[ If you want to use it on a pc which cannot be connected to internet,
just copy this file alongwith file shown in STEP-I  ]

Install Google IME –HINDI
Install Google IME GUJARATI
Install Google IME TAMIL
Install Google IME TELUGU
Install Google IME KANNADA
Install Google IME MALAYALAM
Install Google IME BENGALI
Install Google IME PUNJABI
Install Google IME MARATHI
Install Google IME URDU
Install Google IME ORIYA
Install Google IME NEPALI
Install Google IME SANSKRIT

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